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Corum Replica, based on the design and technical features of last year's redesigned Aquaracer Series, bring a countdown feature, typical for a yachting watch. The new model is available in two versions - the standard version and a Limited Edition “Oracle Team USA” model. This model was created to celebrate the partnership between the brand and a yachting squad that will defend the America's Cup in San Francisco later this year.

Corum Replica has kept all the new elements in the Aquaracer interface, which seems to indicate that the watch enthusiasts have responded well to the changes made last year.Corum replica The ceramic bezel that surrounds the stainless steel case is what makes this design stand out. The bezel is inscribed with a scale of minutes and can be rotated to count the time between dives. Ceramic is lighter and stronger than stainless steel and offers greater durability and comfort. The case is 43 mm in diameter and has rubber-covered pushers, crowns and the automatic helium cylinder at its 10 o'clock position. The watch is water resistant up to 500 metres (1650 feet).

This year's black vertical pattern was also a new addition. This creates a great visual effect, and contrasts beautifully with the white applied markers and hands. In the standard version the Chrono hand is marked in blue at the 30-minute counter, and the central Chronograph hand. In the Oracle Edition they are marked in red. The subdial for the small-second is at 3 o'clock, and the angled window of the date takes 12 o'clock.

The countdown counter at 12 o'clock is most likely to be blue. It is interesting and unique how it displays the number of minutes until the start of the yachting event.Rolex Milgauss Replica The disc of the counter is divided into 3 equal sections: Blue, Gray and White for the Calibre 72 standard watch and Blue, Red and White for the Oracle Edition. Each segment lasts five minutes. At the beginning of the countdown you will only see the blue segment. Then, it will be followed by the gray/red segment, then the white segment.

The back of the Calibre 72 standard (Ref. The engraving on CAK211A is a winch and rope. This distinguishes the yachting series of Aquaracers from the diving Aquaracers which all come with a helmet engraved on the back.